Monday, June 28, 2010

Indian-style Chilli Con Carne

Made with Karma Chef Garam Masala!

Garam Masala literally translated means ‘hot spice’. It is a delicate combination of spices that warm the body – such as cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and cloves among others. Master Chefs have their own special recipes. Garam Masala should be made fresh in small batches because it loses its flavor after a couple of months. Typically Garam Masala is used to flavor meats. Here is my version of Chilli Con Carne with an Indian twist. This is a great party dish. Double quanties if required. Indian Style Chilli Con Carne *1 medium onion * 4 cloves of garlic (peeled) (* chop the above very finely) 1 lb ground beef or turkey 1 can red kidney beans (drained) 1 red pepper (chopped) 1 can diced tomato (or two tablespoons tomato paste) 1 beef stock cube
For Garnish (optional) Cillantro Scallions Karma Chef Garam Masala ------------------------------- Heat 1 tbsp of oil - fry chopped onion/garlic till medium brown – add green pepper, cook till softened then add ground meat. Cook till meat is browned. Drain excess fat. Add beans, tomato puree and beef cube and 1 teaspoon Karma Chef Garam Masala and salt to taste. Cook on low till done. Garnish with Cillantro and chopped scallions. Serve over rice or with tortillas.
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