Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Chicken Korma recipe-awesome!!

Hey Karma Chef ~

Just made your Green Chicken Korma for my family. It was a hit! The kit had everything that was needed for an easy prepared meal. Just marinaded for 2 hrs before - nice flavors - very good.

Hint for first timers - ask for a 4 level spice - Karma Chef made me a 3 level and it could have been a little spicier :) Note, her recipe noted to add marinated chicken, I wasn't sure if I was to take the chicken out of the thick marinade, I chose not to do that - I just put the yogurt marinade mixture with the chicken in with the onions (I added fresh garlic). Also, recipe didn't say how long to cook til done - when chicken is covered in such a thick sauce, you can't tell if it's done...so, I simmered covered for 30-40 minutes and added the powdered cashew for about 5 minutes, which thickened the sauce.

I served it with baked rice and fresh pea pods sauteed with garlic and green onions. Excellent!

Can't wait to try another recipe from Karma Chef!

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ponchito said...

Wow super feedback! Will use it to fine tune recipe. Adding the fresh garlic with the onions was a nice touch. You are a true KarmaChef because you add in your own little touch. Love that. WHAT IS BAKED RICE? You must tell me. Also thanks for noting the cooking timing. I usually forget as I am winging it. Bad habit. That's why I need guineapigs like you to keep me in line. Much thanks Linda! Ya rock!