Monday, September 20, 2010

A New World of Exotic Spices!

Hi everyone,

You wouldn't believe the fun I've been having lately finding recipe homes for Karma Chef's spice blends...I am in spice heaven! Asked if I had any photos of me cooking, I could only find one among our thousands of photographs, and it is surely a dead give-away that it's been very difficult to catch me in the act of cooking throughout my life. That is, until Karma Chef came onto the scene!

Knowing my limitations, Karma Chef started me off with Junglee Spice, which I added to every chicken, pork and beef dish that seemed a candidate (but not glazed ham, I'm not THAT cuckoo). Later she trusted me with some lemon pickle (wow!), and most recently some really exotic masala blends. So last night, being in a hurry and having few options in the fridge, I added Garam Masala and Tikka Masala (in about a 3:1 mixture in that order) to an egg/milk bath for chicken, coated the meat, then breaded it, having also adding the two spices to the bread crumbs in the same proportions. Yummy! How could a simple spice blend do THAT to breaded chick-chick? My hubby was begging for more. Poor he thinks I can cook.

Just wait till he tastes the kale and mango salad that's on the menu for Wednesday. I will have to make a double batch so there's some left when he gets home...that salad is more addictive than opium. Of course I speak theoretically here, having only experienced the kale/mango salad and being hopelessly hooked.

Till the next adventure in jazzing up our normally boring food routine, I remain

Your Karma Chef disciple and Foodie-in-Training,


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ponchito said...

Wow what a creative way of using the spices! Who would have thought? You are a true KarmaChef. Innovative and daring. Playing with spices is fun. Brilliant or bummer - it's all is good. After all there are no mistakes - only discovery. Thanks for daring to take a risk. I am adding your "Masala breaded chicken" to my data bank. Will give it a shot!