Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keema Masala...mmmm good !

Hey Karma Chef ~

Tonight I was tight on time, had your spices and recipe for Keema Masala, so went to the pantry for tomato paste and found diced tomatoes instead, substituted and worked great (only due to your spices). I used 1 lb of ground beef (instead of 2 lbs) followed the recipe, except for the water because the can of 14.5 oz tomatoes had the liquid. I used all the spices for the 2 lb. recipe and it was still perfect! The peas I made separate only because one family member doesn't like peas mixed with meat, the rest of us added them as we served.

Delicious dish, just the right spice - very very easy and yummy! Served with rice for a balanced meal. Thank you Karma Chef for this great recipe and making dinner time easier. I even made it to my pilates class on time!

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Chef Wannabe said...

Good thing is when you have run out of something, you don't sit around and twiddle your thumbs: you jump right in and innovate. All good cooks are magicians in their own right! Super!