Monday, March 26, 2007

Chef Helen comes to Dinner

Chef Helen Anaya (real chef - no pipsqueak wannabe like me) came for dinner last Saturday and bought along a couple she wanted us to meet – Ruth and Clive. I cooked up an Indian meal – Chicken Karma Korma, my Special Daal Makhani among other stuff. I am trying to put together a menu for the Cook-a-thon on 7th April, so I used these guys as my guinea pigs. Chef Helen raided my spice cabinets and wanted to smell and taste everything I had inside, including the leftovers in my fridge. We stayed up late talking and laughing, sat around the fire and looked at stars. Ruth gave me a can of the most incredible Spanish olives I have ever eaten (stuffed with anchovies) and Helen gave me a fish bowl full of her favorite Mexican Candy. Heart-warming evening with good friends.

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